Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bikes

This one's mine. It's a BMW F650. People who ride these call them 'thumpers' because of the neat sound the engine makes. It's a bit more of a dual-sport bike, but it's got the power to ride 70mph all day (and even saves some extra kick for passing those slower drivers) if you can handle the rougher ride--which I think I can! I like this one because it sits a bit higher than the average bike, and can really lay down on those curvy mountain roads.

Dad's (which you can see in the post above this one) is a BMW R1150R. It's a roadster through and through. It's got twice the engine (but twice the weight) and can plum leave mine in the dust on the open road. It's got the feel of a sport-bike, but it maintains some of the comfort of a cruiser. Dad likes it because the black contrasts nicely with his red hair, and because the electronically assisted brakes help his old-man hands stop the bike more quickly.

As far as the specs for each of the bikes, I'm sure that a simple Google search will tell you mechanics all that you need to know.


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