Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Intro: how it all began

When I was a youngin' dad would tell me "Mike, if you still love me when you're 21, we'll grow pony-tails and ride motorcycles around the country." This was little more than a childhood dream for years and years, and was eventually forgotten in the normal course of time and growing-up. Forgotten until dad entered what I could only define as a very note-worthy midlife crisis, where among many other things, he purchased two motorcycles and began mapping a trip around the country. That was this past fall, and since then we've both taken a MC-Safety course, gotten our SC Motorcycle licenses, and commenced taking afternoon rides (the longest of which to date has been a little under 300mi.) to get some practice. We'll take the 'Big Trip' in May once school and graduation are over. Dad's thinking it will take us anywhere between 3 and 5 weeks. So stay with us and we'll keep everyone posted during the rest of the planning stages and 'warm-up' rides throughout the spring, and on into the trip when the time comes!


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