Monday, May 25, 2009

day fifteen- Klamath, CA to Seaside, OR

Mike and woke from a good night’s sleep at the “Camper Corral” in Klamath, CA.  We had no camper, having slept in our North Face tent, and did not feel at all corralled.  After a meager breakfast of oatmeal and black coffee (that’s all we felt we could afford given the previous night’s massive calorie consumption) we set out up Hwy 101 again.  Today we covered just over 300 miles and sometime after lunch we stealthily passed the 5,000 mile mark for the trip.  There was no fanfare, no celebration, just that silent, confident feeling of being two studs on two bikes having covered a massive distance without fatigue or complaint.  (That may be a little bit of an exaggeration!)  Today we passed through no less than 40 towns, cities or villages.  That sounds like an exaggeration but is actually the truth.  Michael said that he liked all the travel and the variation of landscape and each town’s individual character.  I had enough of the traveling 65 mph and breaking down to 15mph (complete with radar signs to inform you that you are now going 17 mph) in some of the towns after about town number ten.  I know, that does seem a little whiny doesn’t it- so much for the “without fatigue or complaint.”  Michael likes to comment about our culinary excursions each day.  Today, in sort of a pre-emptive strike I wanted to comment on my favorite meal.  In the town of Coos Bay, OR we opened a can of “Chicken of the Sea” tuna and ate it out of the can with Saltine crackers and root beer.  Who-boy!  Now that’s health food!  Combine the meal with the ambiance of sitting outside a convenience store sitting leaning against the wall with our feet extended out over the curb.  It doesn’t get much better than that! Our lunch really was much better than the supper we paid for at a supposed local favorite.  Come to think of it, we saw no locals eating there.  That was probably a clue- one we failed to take.

Our destination for the day was Seaside, OR., where we arrived at 8:30 PM.  For me it was a long day.  Mike is a trooper- always ready to push on, to ride that next 10 miles.  Maybe I’m just getting old . . . . . nah!

On a couple of personal notes, thanks are due to two specific people.  Matt Tingle has given me a new and improved version of a run-on sentence with numerous prepositional phrases from yesterday.  If you want to see the better version see his comment from yesterday.  Bud Shevick, a brother from Mitchell Road, commented on my usage of the word “profuse” and cleared up a lot for me.  Read it and see what you think.

Tomorrow, Mike and I head up the coast for a relatively short ride to Bremerton, WA to see Meredith, D.P. and Charlie, their chocolate Labrador retriever I affectionately call Chee-Cha!  We’re looking forward to catching up with them and putting them out for a few days taking care of us!


  1. "two studs on two bikes having covered a massive distance without fatigue or complaint"

    Well, 3 out of 5 ain't bad...

    Give Meredith & DP a big hug for us, aw heck, give them two, since we missed them when they were out here!

    Have fun!


  2. Too bad the water is too cold to get in! It looks so inviting! (:

    the pictures are beautiful! i can't wait to see more!

    PS--if you were supposed to be guarding the bikes - i think you fell asleep on the job!

  3. Well guys I have finally signed on after reading your blog for awhile. You are both doing an awesome job. I'm lovin' it! Thanks so much and I look forward to reading and seeing a lot more! Thanks again, Bob Cooke.