Wednesday, May 20, 2009

day ten: Bryce Canyon/Zion to ??

Mike and woke this morning after what was truly the best night of sleep either of us have gotten on this trip- and camping no less!  We broke camp after playing with a little female Australian shepherd/Cattle dog cross who needed a friend (and some beef stew we had left over from last night).  We rode to Bryce Canyon and followed the park roads to the look out places.  This is truly a beautiful park.  That is probably as empty a statement as the time I told Miriam that John Steinbeck really was a good writer.  She said, “You think?”  Regardless, this is one to see if you ever have the opportunity.  While we were there I met a man who looked like OD’s uncle Knotty.  I remember asking OD one day why he was named that.  OD’s response was “Look at him, what else would you call him?”  In any event this man looked like uncle Knotty whose real name I never knew (ask OD when you next see him).  The other interesting thing about him is that he talked like Elmer Fudd.  No kidding!  He said that as we traveled we needed to watch out for “bad weavah.”  (You know, snow rain, hail, etc- bad weavah)  As we left the park Michael made an interesting observation about Smokey the Bear, which I will leave him to develop in his daily highlights.  We rode south on hwy 89 to hwy 9 into Zion National Park.  This was the most awesome park by far that we have seen on this trip.  Michael said it looked almost pre-historic.  It was hot as the hinges and the 1 and ½ mile long tunnel made it seem as if you might be traveling there.  After leaving Zion we rode toward Cedar City to decide whether to push on, camp or get a room before pushing on.  Mike and I are pretty tired even though we have only ridden about 180 miles so far today.  We did pass through a town with the interesting name of La Verkin.  This was good for a few minutes of entertainment at the town’s expense- things like, “I’m shirkin” my workin” in downtown La Verkin;  the coffee’s perkin in the town of La Verkin- well you get the idea.  As I write this we are sitting in a Starbucks drinking a mocha frappachino.  The staff says, “Hey.”  Stay tuned for more as the day develops.


  1. Today's Tops:

    1) Getting some canine contact--first the blue heeler, then a black lab named remy!! It made me miss C-may big time, but was comforting nonetheless!! Mc--sorry if you've thrown up in your mouth...

    2) Smoky the bear. I love how the department of the interior gave him pants but no shirt?!?! As I realized this fact this morning, I was wondering why--he looks like a redneck! Then I realized that he's a bear, and bears don't wear clothes at all, so why the blue jeans?? After a little reflection, I came to the conclusion that the dep. of the interior was merely avoiding the issue of Smoky's crotch...and I completely understand. I mean, they've gotta keep the guy kid-friendly!! Haha, me and dad about fell off of our bikes from laughter. (Thank goodness for helmet to helmet communication systems--otherwise we'd have to keep these crude thoughts to ourselves!!)

    3) Getting to put my 5.10's to work at Zion. God bless Stealth C4 rubber. (If this doesn't make sense to you, 5.10 is the brand of my 'approach shoes' that I got this's a climbing thing)

    4) ??? We've still got some riding ahead of us (since we've elected to push-on further before the day is over)--who knows, maybe lightning will strike (not literally, of course) and I'll have something really really interesting to add-on!

    Love and miss you all!


  2. Hah, Yes -- I just about threw up some more ... but I laughed instead - you look like you just got woken up in the first picture posted! (and a little wind burned maybe?!) Miss You! (and your Papa too!)

  3. Oh how I covet that C4 stealth grip, I even peered over your anisazis at sunrift on the way home with lustful eyes... :)
    carry on my wayward sons!

  4. *PS Mike said to click on the second to last picture ... it will enlarge it & you can play "Where's Mike"! (:

  5. Hi Doc and Mike....

    Saw your post about Zion NP.....isn't it a beautiful place?? I could live out there. I'm envious of your ride out there....nothing like the experience on a motorcycle.
    Ride safely and have a great time.