Monday, May 11, 2009

day one: realizing the dream

OK, so the first day is officially history- as in, “we’ve got it under our belts!” Mike and I had a great day. It was really enjoyable to contemplate the dream actually becoming reality- at least 1/30th of it! We got up this morning and had a family breakfast. Mimi fixed waffles for the whole crew. We put off leaving until about 10 o’clock to try to avoid most of the rain. From Simpsonville we rode to Highlands, NC where we got some wicked-good barbecue at the Rib House. If you ever get the chance it’s worth trying. From here we caught 64 West, which runs, with a few interruptions, all the way to the Natchez trace. We didn’t make it all the way there today (our original day-end destination) but after a little confusing riding through the actual downtown area of Chattanooga, we were able to get on 75 South and then 24 West until we finally arrived at our next jumping off point for the 12th, which was Monteagle, Tennessee. After riding around in town for about 30 minutes looking for a campsite we finally settled on camping at the Monteagle Best Western- you can never be too particular about your choice for a campsite and we felt that this one would do OK on the spur of the moment. The deciding factor on this site was the softness of the ground, the ready availability of showers and the presence of usable electricity to charge all the high-tech camping equipment we brought! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s posting!



  1. How many times did you scrape your center stands?
    Wish I was there.

  2. The better question would be "how many times didn't we scrape them?" And yes, we both wish you were here!