Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day eight: Durango to Moab

Mike and I just completed day 8 of our journey and are camped out at the Moab Rim campground.  It was about 95 degrees when we arrived but it has begun to cool.  At present it’s a balmy 85!  We have high hopes for lower temps.  A quick note before I forget.  Today is my mom’s birthday.  If you see Linda Lee give her a hug and sing to her in my absence.  (No I won’t tell you how old she is!). 


Mike and I woke this morning at a great Quality Inn in Durango and prepared to ride after a big breakfast.  As we were leaving we met Lewis and Earl, both members of the Circle B Chuck Wagon out of Branson, MO.  We told them our story and they encouraged us to complete the trip and enjoy the time.  Mike and I are going to try to catch their show on our way back.  If you’ve never experienced a western chuck wagon you need to remedy this part of your musical education.  The performers serve you the meal (just like old chuck wagon cooks) and then put on a great show.  Miriam and I saw the Bar D Chuck Wagon about 25 years ago.  Mike and I tried to see them in Durango but couldn’t get tickets.  Anyway, put that on your list.


Mike and I left Durango headed for Mesa Verde National Park.  It is a continual feast for mind and eye to experience what God made in almost careless abundance.  (Yes, that was almost lyrical!)  We left the park about 2PM and traveled to Monticello, Utah crossing into our 11th state!  From Monticello we turned north toward Moab.  I had just commented to Michael that this was my least favorite day because of the kind of boring ride when we came into the canyon lands.  What incredible beauty!  As I sit writing this post I can look across the road in front of me to 800-1000 foot red cliffs shading into grays and blues and sages.  Our campsite is a clean, grassy area with a perfectly situated shade tree.  I feel like Jonah but I’m not moping and blue. (Look up the story if you haven’t heard it!)


Mike and I plan to rise before the sun in the morning to get to the Arches National Park to get some sunrise pictures and head down to glen Canyon from there.  We’ll keep you up to date with our adventure.  See you soon.


  1. Notable Mention:

    1) Getting to stand in the very same spot (in the cliff dwellings) that an Anasazi Indian (or Pueblo--I think they prefer Pueblo) stood hundreds of years ago. It's kindof mind-boggling to see something that old.

    2) Listening to the locals at a gas station get fired-up about Grizzly bears (and other wildlife). One guy sucessfully completed a sentence composed solely of swear-words!! (It's always refreshing to encounter someone who is truly gifted in the art of speech!)

    3) Getting sand-blasted at the campsite all night and waking up to everything being coated with a fine layer of gravel dust! Always a real treat!

  2. I loved the Anasazi story and ruins...that was a real highlight of our trip out west. I am enjoying your trip through this blog...not so gritty here!
    Stay tough!

  3. Mike and Alan,
    We are having a great time following your journey!! May God bless you with a wonderful adventure that the 2 of you will never forget. We would love to get together with you after you get back and rest to here more details. Stay safe!!

    The Powers